OLX : Best classified site in India

Classified ad posting has its origin right from the early age of newspapers with some special columns dedicated to such advertisements. The print media those days use to have such ad posting as one great means to earn some hard cash. India Classifieds has now reached a new height and stepped upon a new era with the existence of classified sites like OLX.

OLX has been there for a long while in the classified business. There are several other sites but none so great to compete the presence of a site like OLX. The greatness in the site comes from the various components of the site based upon the various aspects of working system of OLX.

To introduce OLX from scratch one has to start from the landing page of the official website which is This site has a simple and distinct webpage layout, thus its easy and simple for any level of internet user to get acquainted to the user interface of the site and get going. With its introduction in the States of America in 2006, it has globally planted its root in more than ninety countries with several language support.

The site is not only for ad posting and the goodness in the site lies in its commitment on bringing the sellers and buyers to a platform close enough for them to have business with one another in a close proximity. Thus the level of trust and a scope of discussion is enhanced by doing so.

The site except allowing buying and selling of items also provides the job hunters a platform for perfect job search, any part time earning scope and also matrimonial platform to choose a life partner. Each item in the buy n sell category is listed and categorised under its respective genre.

India Classifieds

Electronics, kitchen goods, Home furnishing etc are some of those with further sub categories for each. One can directly select anything from either the category or the sub categories.

One great feature while using the OLX that it’s free and one need not to subscribe or register on payment basis in order to post an advertisement. Although, the classified site provides a premium feature of account registration in which it provides some extra features like sharing your ad in some social platform like facebook in exchange of some payment during registration. This enhances the scope of the ads thus placed to be seen by huge mass and receive some interested clicks. However, one can always place a free ad with OLX without any ambiguity.

The support for language selection is also one good reason that you might appreciate. Select your native language if you are not so well versed in English language.The availability of the site as a mobile version is also a boon for the users who don’t possess a desktop computer. The mobile application is made available by OLX itself and works like a charm in mobile platform ranging from simple java phones to expensive and advanced android and iphones.

Further OLX also provides sub domains within a country, which lets the user to find someone in his desired location to have a deal with. This might even be the person living next to your colony.

In terms of feasibility, easiness in site handling, lucid user interface, free of cost and most importantly reliability OLX is by far the best choice and is worth trying. It somewhat provides everything under a single roof. So place your ads and get it sold faster than you could have imagined.

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